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Home of Captain Scarlet (et all) here on LJ.
Spectrum is Green
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24th-Jun-2009 12:44 pm(no subject)
Hello, everyone. Has everyone seen this cartoon already? Or am I the first one to post it?
11th-Jul-2008 05:45 pm - Captain Scarlet fandom help
Can anyone help edit the Captain Scarlet article on Fan History? It is pretty basic. The timeline mostly consists of the creation of this community and some zine related dates. It would be nice to see the article expanded, for it to be a little bit more comprehensive.

Fan History is also trying to create a directory of Captain Scarlet fans. It would be nice to see some of those articles improved, with more information added to them. It would also be nice to see more articles about members of the fandom created. If you're interested in doing that, the person template offers a basic framework for creating a new article. The existing directory has 16 articles and the article about Scarlet is the most popular with E1HSB as the second most popular.

Thanks for any help in improving the article or the directory! :)
22nd-Nov-2007 11:59 am(no subject)
I come bearing fic. Not the fic I meant to bring, but given how far beyond the deadline I've gone anyway... and Sage did ask for Ochre/Magenta on her birthday.

Title: Pulling Pigtails
Author: Quill
Fandom: Classic Scarlet
Summary: A bit of Ochre/Magenta because Sage asked for someone else to write the pairing. G rating.

Ochre/MagentaCollapse )
17th-Sep-2007 06:58 pm - A long overdue update
Ochre: by Frivolity65
This is Sage, I'm just logged into my fic journal account.

TITLE: You and me
AUTHOR: Sage Harper
FANDOM: Captain Scarlet
PAIRING: Ochre/Magenta
GENRE: slash
SUB-GENRE: first-time
SUMMARY: “When they were together every objection melted away, and he could almost kid himself that it could actually work. That somehow their respective states of being emotional incompetent morons with a hopeless track record for relationships would cancel each other out.”
DISCLAIMER: If it was mine it really would be ‘the Pat & Rick show’ … but seriously the characters aren’t mine, I’m just playing nicely and will put them back when I’m done.
AUTHOR’S NOTES: This is my latest OTP, and apparently I really am the only person in the universe who writes them. Feedback would be much appreciated.

You and me.
23rd-Jun-2006 02:02 am - Agh... is it true?!?
Did they already kill the new Captain Scarlet CGI series? It's hard to get news on CS even by Anderson sources, but I found out that they're running the 'entire' New Scarlet series on a new kids' channel in Britain, meaning the thing has run its course after two seasons. ARGH!

In the meantime, I need the second season on DVD ASAP. (I just want it.) I can't find any indication it's been released yet to the public. Anyone have any word on this? I'd appreciate any knowledgeable response. Thanks.
...and I was impressed. I don't at all like the theme music, but the reimagining of the series is great.

I especially love that Captain Black makes NO bones about retrometabolizing somebody. He kills somebody and he brings out those green zeroes and we've got another one. He even refers to it. In one episode, a mercenary wants her money, but he's not gonna let her go. "Ah, yes, the green stuff," he says, cynically. "I've got PLENTY of green stuff for you right here..." and it's the green energy and zeroes of the Mysteron retrometabolism powers. He shoots her and replicates her right in front of Destiny Angel. He's the evil bastard that we know, but a little more lively.
When it's completed, I'll submit it to the fanfic site as well as publish it here.

Captain Black has found a new way to obtain a certain kind of deadly agent...
7th-Mar-2006 03:04 pm - Greetings from a new member
To begin with, you may have seen my fanfic on http://www.spectrum-headquarters.com :


'As Black as Death' is a sinister story from Captain Black's perspective. I do love Captain Black. He was my role model growing up, no kidding.

Anyway - I'm a schoolteacher in Philadelphia, PA (eastern USA). I have a copy of the new series' first season but cannot view it since I have to get a more versatile DVD player (region and PAL issues). However I do look forward to it and am glad the thing is back on the air again.

I'm planning more fanfic in the near future, also.

Glad to be here.


(Now you know who I'm rooting for, earthmen!)
13th-Jan-2006 12:21 pm - Angel delight
I've signed up for yet another fic challenge, but meh sanity is overated.
This one focuses on female characters, so am doing it for the angels.
Here's the link ...

Big damn table of Angel delight.
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